Sprinkler System Repair & Optimization

Just one week later our Carmichael Irrigation Repair team has your lawn greenOptimizing a sprinkler system can result in a better looking landscape while reducing maintenance and watering costs. Our Carmichael irrigation repair team is full of irrigation control specialists who can help you determine where your system is failing you. Even if your yard looks great, having a water usage audit can help you water more economically. After all, part of the reason that sprinkler systems are so popular is that they can deliver just the right amount of water to your landscape without guesswork.

Our team will complete an initial coverage analysis to see exactly how much water is being provided to each zone of your lawn. Once we've determined what is being delivered, we can then compare this to the necessary amount to make your yard thrive. Systems installed even a few years ago will need to be adjusted to compensate for changes in the size of flowers and shrubs in planting beds and the increase in thatch height of the lawn. We take all of these things into account and optimize your system on a yearly basis.

One Size Fits All? Not With Us!

we adjust each pop up head individuallyOne of the most common installation techniques for sprinkler systems is the one-size-fits-all spray head model. This is a system where a rudimentary set up installs pop-up heads at equal distances from one another and calibrates them all to spray at the same rate. While this may seem like a good idea, it actually leads to a patchy lawn and improper watering of planting beds. A well optimized system will adjust every single head individually and incorporate several different types of heads and drip lines to make sure each zone of the yard is watered in a way that will benefit the current planting scheme.

Our Carmichael irrigation repair service is included in all installations and should be considered by anyone who hasn't had their system optimized in the past year. Not only will we be able to save you money by tweaking your current water usage, we'll set it up so problem areas in your yard are problems no more.